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writing program

academic core 2a16


ms. phebe kirkham
writing program director

dr. george lam
writing across the curriculum (wac) coordinator

dr. matthew garley
writing fellows coordinator

ms. nicole beckles
cuny office assistant

writing program

the writing program, housed in the english department, administers english 125 and 126, the college’s required writing courses, and offers writing 301, 302, 303, and 304.

writing courses and requirements for students

writing 301, 302, 303, and 304 are junior-level academic research and writing courses designed to help students transition from lower-division coursework to the more discipline-specific and independent work that characterizes inquiry in the majors. writ 301/302/303/304 is included in the pathways college option. several majors do require one of the writ 300 courses.

while any of the four versions will meet the pathways college option requirement, students are encouraged to take the writ 300 course most appropriate to their field of study whenever possible. writ 301 is recommended for majors in the humanities and social sciences; writ 302 is recommended for majors in the natural sciences, mathematics, and technology; writ 303 is recommended for majors in the professional programs; writ 304 is for english majors.

students who entered york college before fall 2013 and who have not opted into the pathways curriculum are required to complete writ 301, 302, 303, or 304. students who entered york before the fall of 1996 and were readmitted to the college in fall 1996 or later after an absence of three or more consecutive semesters must also take writing 301, 302, 303 or 304. students who enter with a previous baccalaureate degree are exempt from this requirement.  

ms. silvia aviles created the artwork used in the college-wide writing program header graphic. "woman" appeared on the cover of the york review, volume 4, and is reproduced with the artist's permission.