as one of the senior colleges of the city university of new york, york college participates in centralized application procedures for freshmen, transfer and international students. the application form can be accessed on the cuny website.

the york college office of admissions is located in the academic core building, ac-1b07, 94-20 guy r. brewer blvd., jamaica, new york 11451. prospective students and their families are strongly encouraged to visit the campus. campus tours and information sessions are available by appointment throughout the year, and originate in the office of admissions. please call 718-262-2165 or register online. admission counselors are available to answer questions and to discuss student's educational goals and opportunities at 718-262-2165. admission information can also be obtained on the admissions website.

freshman admission

students who have not attended a college, university, or postsecondary institution, are considered freshmen. freshman applications must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee and official copies of any documents (i.e. ged/tasc, sat/act and/or toefl/ ielts/pte scores) that are required to support the student's eligibility for admission. please note that recent high school graduates (within one year of graduation) are still required to show proof of sat/ act scores.

admission is based on a variety of factors, and each applicant is considered individually. freshmen are strongly encouraged to take a college preparatory program in high school that includes courses in english, mathematics, laboratory science, social science, foreign language and fine arts.

all students are subject to city university of new york testing requirements. for details, see the testing center website.

an applicant who fails to meet all of the above criteria may still be considered for admission if she or he shows evidence of strong academic preparation, such as exceeding the minimum requirements in college preparatory classes, or strong performance on other assessments of academic skills, such as regents examinations. more flexible admission is available through the seek program. for information on seek requirements consult this bulletin (under seek section) or contact 718-262-2300.

transfer admission

applicants who have attended college, university and/ or proprietary school after graduating from high school or having received a ged/ tasc, are considered transfer or advanced standing students. this applies whether or not you are seeking transfer credit and/or changing your program of official transcript from each college university and/or proprietary school attended and proof of high school graduation is required of all applicants. transfer admission is based on a student's overall grade point average (gpa), including courses taken at all institutions attended since graduating high school. for students transferring with fewer than 12 credits, applicants must demonstrate a 2.0 grade point average, passing scores on the cuny skills assessment test or exemption and qualify based on the high school average, or ged/ tasc score in effect for freshmen at the time of admission. please note: recent high school graduates (within one year of graduation) are still required to show proof of sat/ act scores. students transferring to york college must complete at least 40 credits at york, with at least half of the credits in the major program taken at york. for some programs, students will be required to take additional credits to complete the requirements for the baccalaureate degree. for the bachelor of arts degree, at least 90 credits must be in the liberal arts. for the bachelor of science degree, at least 60 liberal arts credits are required. an overall minimum "c" average in all college work is required for graduation from york. to apply, please visit cuny's website.

evaluation of prior college credits (transfer credits)

transfer credits can only be evaluated for schools that are listed on the student's admissions application. the official evaluation of all courses taken previously at other accredited institutions is done by the office of the registrar in conjunction with the academic departments.

in general, credit is granted for a course, which is considered equivalent to a course at york and for which the student received the grade of "d" or better at a unit of the city university, or "c" or better at any other accredited institution. "blanket credit" is given for courses, within disciplines available at york, which have no equivalency at york college. although a student will not receive transfer credit for a "d" grade from a college outside the city university, the student may be exempt from repeating the course if it is prescribed at york college. transfer students should seek academic advisement and counseling from the appropriate departments prior to registering for their first semester at the college. students cannot receive credit a second time for a course already completed at another institution. credits will not be granted from school(s) not listed on the student's admissions application.

maximum credits accepted

a maximum of 68 credits will be accepted from a two-year college or degree program. a maximum of 80 credits will be accepted from senior colleges. students who have taken courses at a senior college and two-year college will be able to transfer a maximum of 80 credits.

registered nurses majoring in community health education

an r.n. certificate recipient with a high school diploma, who meets the admission criteria of the college, may be granted credit for equivalent courses with grades of "c" or better toward the liberal arts degree in community health education at york. these students should consult the community health education coordinator.

special examinations

credit will be granted for the following examinations:

  • clep (college level examination program)
  • cpep (college proficiency examination program)
  • usafi (united states armed forces institute)
  • madison in-house exemption examinations

credit will be given for the above examinations, which test knowledge in specific subjects rather than general knowledge. upon a student's request and approval of the departments involved, a student may be granted credits or be exempt from courses by presenting evidence of c or better performance on any of the above college-level examinations. a maximum of 16 credits may be earned in this manner, except nursing majors, who may earn up to 20 credits.

community professional program

the community professional program was established at york college to enhance the educational opportunities for adult students. college credits are granted in recognition of voluntary work that reflects a variety of quality learning experiences. (paid experiences may be considered in conjunction with voluntary work.) each experience must have taken place within the united states and must be verifiable by three people who have knowledge of the student's activities.

a pre-application interview is mandatory at which time the following requirements will be explained in greater detail. student must have:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • 3 years of intensive community experience
  • completed a minimum of 28 credits at york college
  • passed all skills assessment tests
  • minimum gpa of 2.50 on all work completed at york college
  • completed less than 91 credits

students are eligible to pursue any degree program offered by the college, and may receive a maximum of 30 credits for their life experiences. these service credits are used only as free electives toward the required 120 credits for the baccalaureate degree and cannot be used to meet liberal arts, general education, or major requirements (see general education requirements).

the deadline for submitting an application for the fall semester is november 30 and for the spring semester the deadline is april 30. applications can be obtained in the advisement center, room 2c01.

international student admission

for the purposes of admission, an international student is defined as an applicant who currently holds a student (f-1) or exchange visitor (j-1) visa or seeks status upon acceptance to york college. admission to york college is based upon the academic record and the test of english as a foreign language (toefl), or international english language testing system (ielts) or (pte academic) pearson test of english academic) scores for those whose primary language is not english. in addition, all academic transcripts must be official and translated into english or they may opt to have their transcripts evaluated by one of the evaluation services listed below:

in addition to any other admissions criteria, all students must demonstrate readiness for college-level work in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to enrollment. international students will need to obtain an immigration certificate of eligibility (form i-20), in order to enter and/ or remain in the u.s. as an f1 student. this requirement applies whether you are a new student, a transfer student from another u.s. university/college/school or a student transferring between cuny colleges.

for more information about the application process for international students, please contact:

the international student advisor

york college
94-20 guy r. brewer blvd.
jamaica, ny 11451
telephone: (718) 262-2178

the percy e. sutton seek program

the seek (search for education, elevation and knowledge) program is a higher education opportunity program offered at each of the senior colleges of cuny. seek was created in 1966 when the new york state legislature enacted a law that mandated the creation of programs providing access and support for new york city residents and that advanced the cause of equality and educational opportunity at cuny. today, the university maintains a commitment to admit students under the provisions of this law.

seek is an opportunity program for students who are:

  1. entering college for the first time
  2. in need of financial assistance
  3. residents of new york state for at least one year

students are eligible for ten (10) semesters, plus two (2) summer sessions of financial assistance. transfer students from college discovery (cd), higher education opportunity programs (heop) or educational opportunity programs (eop) are admitted in both the fall and spring. veterans with up to 18 credits earned during or prior to their military enlistment are also eligible for this program.

the mission of the seek program is to serve students who are educationally under-prepared and economically disadvantaged by providing them with academic, counseling, and financial services.

academic services include: selected pathways courses designated for seek students only; seek counseling courses; learning skills workshops; one-on-one topic-specific tutoring; and, small group tutoring sessions. counseling services provide academic, career, and personal counseling services through individual or group workshops. all students are assigned a counselor upon entry into the program. financial aid services provide students with vital information concerning the timely completion of all necessary financial aid documentation.

these services assist students in achieving academic success by utilizing dynamic and innovative student-centered approaches to teaching and learning, and by providing supportive services. the seek program is staffed by dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to ensuring that students acquire the skills and economic resources needed to successfully graduate from college. students in the seek program have successfully met the many challenges of academic rigor with distinction. they have added a positive dimension to york college through their involvement in student organizations and college governance committees, and have distinguished themselves with service awards and academic honors.

the seek office is located in room ac-1c08. the telephone number is (718) 262-2300.

students may apply for the seek program by filling out the "seek/college discovery" section of the cuny freshmen application, and by putting york college as their first choice. incoming students must attend and successfully complete the mandatory pre-freshmen summer program. furthermore, all students must be deemed economically eligible for seek by the seek financial coordinator before they are officially accepted into the program. the coordinator is located in the student financial services office in ac-1m08. the telephone number is (718) 262-2230.

to be certified and to receive any financial assistance from the program, students must file a free application for federal student aid (fafsa) and a tap application. these forms are used to apply for the following types of financial aid:

  1. pell
  2. seek stipends, books and fees
  3. college work study
  4. perkins loans
  5. supplemental educational opportunity grants

non-degree admission

an applicant not wishing to earn a degree may seek admission as a non-degree student and enroll in credit bearing courses on a space available basis.

an application for non-degree status can be downloaded online. applicants who have completed postsecondary work should submit the non-degree application and "unofficial" (registrar issued) transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended. under no circumstances will grade reports be accepted.

if an applicant has been academically dismissed from a cuny college, s/he must remain out of school for at least one semester. students should review the standards for academic probation and retention discussed later in this bulletin. these standards apply to both degree and non-degree students. freshmen may apply for non-degree status by submitting a copy of the high school transcript and proof of graduation or ged diploma.

non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid or student loans and are billed at the non-degree tuition rate.

in addition to satisfying the requirements above, applicants educated abroad must submit educational documents with certified english translations and/or official copy of the evaluation done by one of the evaluation services listed below:

applications for non-degree (non-matriculated) to degree (matriculation) status are available on the registrar's website.A student will be considered for matriculation after the completion of six credits with a minimum 2.5 grade point average and passing of all cuny assessment tests (cat). all students approved for degree status must satisfy the general education and major degree requirements contained in the college bulletin in effect for the semester the student matriculates. further information can be obtained at: non-degree admission application.


students who have not been in attendance at the college for one or more semesters must follow the policies and procedures in the bulletin that is in effect at the time of their readmission except for the following:

  1. students who have been separated from the college for 2 or more semesters must follow pathways general education requirements as stipulated in the bulletin in effect at the time of their readmission.
  2. students who have been separated from the college for 3 or more semesters must follow major requirements as stipulated in the bulletin in effect at the time of their readmission.

there is a non-refundable readmission fee of $20.00. if the student has been in attendance at any college other than york, the student must list the college on the readmission application and have an official transcript sent directly from the institution to office of the registrar, academic core building, room 1h06, york college, jamaica, ny 11451, attention: readmission.

students who were dismissed at the end of their last semester in attendance at york college or returning students whose york g.p.a. is below 2.0 must file a petition for readmission with the committee on academic policy and standards.

this petition must be filed at least two months prior to the semester in which they wish to be readmitted.

if the petition is approved, the student must then file a readmission application form with the office of the registrar at least one month before the beginning of the semester for which they wish to be readmitted. an application for readmission may be secured online.