college administration

city university of new york

board of trustees

  • chairperson william c. thompson, jr.
  • vice chairperson barry f. schwartz
  • trustee michael arvanties
  • trustee henry t. berger
  • trustee una s. t-clarke
  • trustee lorraine cortes-vazquez
  • trustee fernando ferrer
  • trustee kevin d. kim
  • trustee mayra linares-garcia
  • trustee robert f. mujica
  • trustee brian d. obergfell
  • trustee jill o'donnell-tormey
  • trustee charles a. shorter
  • trustee ken sunshine
  • trustee sandra wilkin
  • trustee martin j. burke, ex officio
  • trustee timothy g. hunter, ex officio

york college senior administration and faculty

office of the president

  • berenecea johnson eanes, b.s., m.sw., ph.d., president
  • russell platzek, j. d., executive legal counsel to the president and labor designee
  • earl simons, b.a., m.p.a., ed.d., executive director of government and community relations
  • lori hoeffner, ph.d., assistant vice president, institutional effectiveness
  • alicia franqui, chief diversity officier

division of academic affairs

  • derrick brazill, ph.d.,b. s., interim provost and senior vice president for academic affairs
  • maureen becker, ph. d., m.s., b.s., dean of the school of health sciences and professional programs
  • sharon davidson, b.s., registrar
  • sameea belle, m.s.w., ph.d., director of the percy e. sutton seek program
  • ratan dhar, ph. d., director undergraduate research
  • lester raphael, b.a., m.a., director, college now
  • jong i. lee, ph. d., director, honors program
  • dawn hewitt, b.a., m.p.a., director, research and sponsored programs
  • kennybel pena, ed. d., interim director student support and advisement
  • carolette mcdonald, b.a., m.a., college instructional support manager, collaborative learning center
  • njoki-wa kinyatti, b.a., m.l.i.s., m.p.a., chief librarian
  • reginald madden, b.a., m.a., academic affairs manager and liaison to york early college academy
  • greet van belle, ph. d., director, center for teaching, learning and educational technologies

division of administrative affairs

  • ismael perez, b.a., m.b.a., asst. vice president for planning and budget
  • sabrina johnson-chandler, b.a., m.a., m.div., executive director of human resources
  • claudio lindow, interim chief information systems officer
  • la toro yates, ph. d., executive director enrollment management
  • greg vega, director, service delivery
  • harry wells, manager, small business development center
  • joseph goffredo, chief administrative superintendent, buildings and grounds
  • kamrul ahsan,, me, director, it academic applications
  • kwame clarke, b.a., acting director, performing arts center
  • linda ribaudo, director, the learning center
  • noel gamboa, b.s., director, facilities operations and campus planning
  • rafael nunez, b.a., m.f.a., director, web systems
  • rufus massiah, chief public safety
  • dan matte, administrative and business specialist and special projects
  • yvette williamson, b.b.a., ms.ed., director, bursar
  • beverly brown, b.b.a., director, student financial aid

division of student development

  • paola veras, l.m.s.w., assistant dean for student development
  • khayriyyah ali, m.p.s., executive director, queens educational opportunity center
  • linda chesney, b.a., director of career services
  • jayoung choi, ph.d., director of counseling center
  • cynthia clendenin, m.s., director, york child and family center
  • theresa curry, m.s.w., director for trio, student support services and york enrichment services
  • larry eaton, b.s., manager of veterans affairs
  • marva frederick, m.s., manager of health services
  • maj. nichole r. drakeford, commander rotc
  • ebonie jackson, m.b.a., manager of the women's center, student life specialist
  • jean phelps, ph.d., director of student activities
  • jonathan quash, m.s., student life specialist, men's center

institutional advancement unit

  • christina m. roberts, lmsw, donor relations manager
  • geneen mccawley, b.a., annual giving manager