division of student development

the division of student development has as its primary mission, to create an environment that respects and values students as whole individuals. the programs and services we offer create opportunities and experiences that support their efforts to achieve their academic and career goals, facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the importance of being culturally competent and to become successful, contributing citizens in the global market places of the future.

counseling center

the counseling center is committed to providing a broad range of high quality, innovative, and ethical services that address the psychological, educational, social, and developmental needs of york students. the counseling center is located in room 1g03.

personal counseling services

york college offers free psychological, short-term, individual counseling to students having difficulty coping with personal and/or academic concerns. students who have need for additional services will be referred as appropriate to on and off campus offices after being assessed by a counselor. resource tables providing information and guides for additional resources are available.

academic performance: grades and probation

students having difficulty with classes are encouraged to see a counselor in the counseling center. students on academic probation must attend one probation group workshop, or two individual probation sessions at the counseling center in order to register for classes. counselors are authorized to lift academic blocks to allow students to register after they attend a probation workshop at the counseling center to address the issues that led to being placed on probation.

alcohol and drug prevention counseling

our trained staff can provide answers to your questions, referral information, and resources to accurate, useful, and trustworthy information. if you, or anyone that you know, has a problem with alcohol and/or drugs, please stop in to see us. we are here to help.

graduate school

a graduate school fair is hosted at york college during each fall semester.

if you need help in choosing a graduate school to further your education, visit the office to set up an appointment to see a counselor.

veterans affairs

the office for veterans affairs (ova) was created within the division of student development to address the needs of our student veterans. as a full-service veteran's office, the counselor addresses special concerns, such as benefits eligibility requirements, tutorial assistance, and academic credit for military experience. other services available include, but are not limited to:

  • processing of the educational benefit application.
  • processing the change of program application and/or place of training.
  • processing the application for survivors and dependents.
  • certifying enrollment for all veterans.

students who are eligible for veterans' benefits should consider the following when planning their class schedule for the fall and spring semesters:

  • to qualify for full-time benefits you must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits.
  • to qualify for 3/4 time benefits, you must enroll for a minimum of 9 credits.
  • for matriculating veterans (who have completed 12 credits at york college).
  • 8 free elective credits will be granted for one year or more of active military service.
  • 4 free elective credits will be granted for less than one year but more than six months of active military service.

to qualify for 1/2 time benefits, you must enroll for a minimum of 6 credits.

for matriculating veterans (who have completed 12 credits at york college):

  • 8 free elective credits will be granted for one year or more of active military service.
  • 4 free elective credits will be granted for less than one year but more than six months of active military service.


note: the office for veteran affairs at york college is responsible to inform the u.s. department of veterans affairs when a veteran has been dismissed from college for poor academic performance and/or for not making satisfactory academic progress. the ova at york serves as a liaison between the student and regional offices in buffalo and new york city.

a veterans' manager is available full-time and is located in room 1g03.

the star program (specialized testing and academic resources)

(formerly the office of students with disabilities)

the star program provides supportive services to york students with permanent and/or temporary documented disabilities, such as physical, learning and/or psychological, in compliance with the americans with disabilities act and section 504 of the rehabilitation act. the program ensures access and facilitates students' academic success through the provision of appropriate educational supports including the organization and delivery of "reasonable" accommodations; academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids such as extended time for testing, use of a tape recorder, reader/scribe, note-taker, magnification device, closed-caption television (cctv), and use of adaptive technology. supplemental services such as academic advisement, personal and educational counseling, advocacy, and referrals to on/off campus community resources are also provided to help meet the unique educational needs of students with disabilities.

the star program is committed to fulfilling its mission of assisting students with a disability achieve their full academic potential, while encouraging self-sufficiency, and facilitating the elimination of any physical, educational or attitudinal barriers. all students with a documented disability are encouraged to self-identify to the star program in a timely manner to ensure access to all course, programs, services, and activities at york college.

to determine if you are eligible for the star program, please stop by the office, call, and/or email to speak with a member of the star staff. the star program is located in room ac-1g02, the telephone number is 718-262-2191/3732 and the email is star@york.cuny.edu.

cuny l.e.a.d.s. (employment, academics, disabilities and services)

(part of the star program)

cuny leads provides career services to york students with documented disabilities, such as blindness/visually impaired, deaf/hard of hearing and chronic health conditions. through cuny leads students with disabilities develop skills that prepare them for realistic and successful employment outcomes. the mission of cuny leads is to link a student's academic accomplishments with his/her appropriate major and professional endeavors via career counseling, job seeking skills, job placement, and internship assistance. cuny leads also facilitates students' involvement with access (adult career and continuing services-vocational rehabilitation, formerly vesid).

if you are a student with a documented disability and need help making academic and career choices, please visit or call the cuny leads advisor in the star program; room ac-1g02/ 718-262-2191/3732.

career services

the goal of career services is to be in line with york college's mission to help students become fully marketable upon graduation. we assist students by offering tools that help them with making decisions on choosing a major, preparing for internships, jobs opportunities and developing the soft skills necessary to become successful in their chosen future careers. through our partnerships with employers and academic faculty and programs, students are offered the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to thrive in today's ever changing global market.

the professional staff is available to help individuals increase self-understanding of their abilities, interests, values and goals. in addition, students are taught how to research careers and to develop the skills necessary to launch an effective job search.

all students are encouraged to update their registrations with this office during their first semester at york college in order to gain maximum benefit from the following services:

  • career counseling.
  • career development courses.
  • personal interests, skills, and value inventory.
  • inclusion in national databases for internships, summer, part-time, full-time jobs and career opportunities.
  • workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, job search techniques and business etiquette.
  • seminars on discipline-related career opportunities.
  • career fairs.
  • computer-assisted career development tools.
  • career resource center.

the resource center is located in room 3m01 and you may check for current office hours and information concerning special events and services by going to the career services website.

york college child and family center

94-12 160thstreet
jamaica, ny 11451
tel: 718-262-2930

the york college child and family center provides a quality child care and early education program for children of york college student parents.

located in a new building on the former st. monica's, catholic church site, the center has eight classrooms, a parent/staff resource room, a food preparation area and offices. the program has been designed to meet the needs of student/ parents by providing affordable, flexible child care. in the future parents will be able to enroll their children in different components of the program:

  1. infant-toddler
  2. pre-school
  3. school age

children are assigned to classrooms by age and developmental level. the center is licensed by the new york city department of health and mental hygiene.

  • flexible scheduling: is offered to student parents using their class schedules as a basis for their child's enrollment. with flexible scheduling student parents only register their child/ children for the days and hours they need for class, work study, fieldwork or for studying.
  • professional staff: consist of certified teachers, assistant teachers and aides. the center offers an early childhood education program in a homelike, multicultural environment. teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities,that stimulate the intellectual and creative abilities of each individual child while enhancing other developmental skills.
  • support for student parents: a parent/staff resource room is incorporated to provide a lending library, lounge area, work area with one computer and space for meetings. parents are able to borrow children's books from the lending library, sit for few minutes in the lounge area before picking up their child or attending classes. small workshops or presentations on specific topics related to parenting, careers or academics are held in the resource room.
  • a resource for the college community: the child and family center is an integral part of the academic community by serving as a work study, fieldwork and observation site for interns from various academic departments.

further information:

  • enrollment in the center is only available for children of york college students.
  • children are registered in accordance to parents' class schedule. the center does not provide drop-in or babysitting services.
  • enrollment is limited and based on a first come first served basis.
  • the center follows the york college calendar during the spring and fall semesters and operates monday through friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

health service center

the student health service center provides programs and services to educate students about the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle to their overall quality of life. additionally, the service provides first aid treatment, counseling and information on health-related topics including nutrition, weight control, family planning, and preventive medicine.

the student health service center is also responsible for ensuring that all students are immunized. students are required to show proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and a signed response form for meningitis. the meningitis form can be secured from the student health service center. certifying documents are received and maintained in the center. physical examinations are important to developing a baseline health status, therefore, proof of a current physical examination is requested annually.

in the event of an accident on campus, it must be reported to the student health service center and/ or the security office within 24 hours or the next business day. forms may be secured from the student health services center.

the student health services centeris located in the academic core building, room 1f01. the telephone number is (718) 262-2050.

office of student activities

the office student activities (osa) is responsible for advising, guiding and assisting students who are interested in starting or joining clubs and organizations. any group of students wishing to organize a club or organization should contact student activities for information about the guidelines and procedures for chartering an organization. the staff works closely with student organizations in planning, organizing and implementing their programs and events to help ensure their activities are successful. additionally, osa has responsibility for providing guidance to and advising the student government association, administrative oversight of the student newspaper pandora's box, and supervises the operations of the game room and the on-line radio station.

student government

the student government association (sga) is comprised of student senators elected by the student body. sga senators meet, discuss, and act upon critical issues that impact students from an academic and social standpoint. the senators serve on the york college faculty /student senate, york college association, york college auxiliary enterprises, technology fee committee and various other committees that affect the campus environment. members of the sga also participate in a leadership training conference where they are taught skills and techniques that help them become better leaders.

student government association offices are located in room 1g04.

the student game room

the student game room offers a variety of fun and relaxing activities for students to enjoy, including: billiards, assorted card games, board games, playstation 4, xbox 360, and wii u video gaming systems, and two plasma television screens which have cable programming. the game room is located in room 1f19-20. the telephone number is (718) 262-2245.

radio station

the york college radio station (ycradio.org) was created within the division of student development to give students a recreational and academic resource that fosters interest in broadcast production and communications technology. it provides hands-on experience for our students. ycradio.org streams online. the station can be accessed through the york college radio website, with shows featuring music, sports, and discussions of 'hot topics' by faculty scholars and guests.

the york college radio station is located in room 1g06. telephone: (718) 262-5293.

pandora's box

pandora's box is york college's award-winning and nationally recognized collegiate newspaper that keeps the campus up-to-date on current issues and events. it is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable journalistic experience.

pandora's box is located in room 2c13. telephone: (718) 262-2529.

women's center

the york college women's center provides supportive services for the growth and development of women students as they pursue academic and lifelong goals.

it meets the needs of women that fall outside the customary domains of academic departments by providing support and resources for women as they empower themselves and each other in the pursuit of their individual and collective goals.

although services are primarily geared towards women, the center is committed to providing programs and services for males of all ages and backgrounds. the center services students, alumni, faculty, and staff and its surrounding community without regard to gender, age, ethnicity, or religion.

some of our program activity includes:

  • the women of excellence leadership program.
  • girl talk - informal group discussions on various topics.
  • women's health initiative.
  • the book club.

the women's centeris located in ac3c01.

male initiative program/men's center

the purpose of the york male initiative program and men's center is to provide a system of support, through various resources, that contribute to the improvement of enrollment and graduation rates of underrepresented populations, and particularly male students. the center has two primary goals: first, to support the college's recruitment efforts from various areas in the community; and second, to provide services that support students' persistence to graduation. the cornerstone of the program is our mentoring program, in which students have the opportunity to interact with other role models including our faculty and staff.

the programs of the york college male initiative program/men's center are:

  • pi eta kappa - an academic fraternity and honor society.
  • back-on-track - a teacher development program that provides sat assistance to high school students.
  • the barbershop - a forum for young men to discuss hot topics, and issues that impact the campus and the greater community.
  • route to success - a collaboration with various community partners that attempts to disrupt the pipeline-to-prison cycle among under-represented populations.

the men's centeris located in room 3m02. telephone: 718-262-3772.

york college association

the york college association, a state chartered corporation with a board of directors comprised of students, faculty and administrators, was formed to provide support for college-related events and programs that cannot be funded by the tax levy budget of the college. it is the policy of the association to consider funding activities and programs that are of broad general interest and benefit to the student body as a whole. any organization which is primarily social in nature or has a restricted membership is not eligible for financial support from the association.

the association is responsible for allocating a portion of the general fee paid by each student at registration.

army rotc military science

the army reserved officer training corps (rotc) provides college students the skills and leadership training to become officers in the united states active army, army reserve, and army national guard. the military science curriculum is designed to help you develop life skills and assist you with achieving your academic and career goals, all of which are essential in building a positive and productive future. the program can prepare you to become a u.s. army officer while completing a degree.

cadets develop maturity, responsibility, leadership ability, self-confidence, and other qualities essential to success in any field. the program stresses written and oral communication, physical training, first aid, land navigation, and ethics.

upon successful completion of rotc, cadets receive commissions as second lieutenants in one of the army's specialized branches.


  • 2, 3, and 4-year scholarships that cover full tuition and fees are available to qualified applicants and cadets.
  • $1200 annually for books and expenses.
  • $300-$500 per month tax-exempt spending allowance for contracted cadets.
  • commission as a second lieutenant.


freshmen and sophomores enroll in a 3 credit course, which meets for 4 hours one day a week. in the classroom portion of instruction they study subjects including leadership, team building, problem solving, and oral communication. during the lab portion of the curriculum, they receive training on first aid, land navigation, tactics, marching, and marksmanship.

cadets also participate in physical training (pt) three days a week in the morning. cadets learn how to conduct pt to the army standard while increasing their flexibility, endurance, muscular strength, and aerobic capacity.

in addition to the classroom and lab instruction and pt, cadets participate in one field training exercise (ftx) over a weekend per semester. cadets receive more in-depth training on subjects covered in class and lab. in addition, they are given the opportunity to go to a rifle marksmanship range, rappel, and train with cadets from neighboring schools.

juniors and seniors enroll in a 3-credit course that meets for 1.5 hours one day a week in addition to the 3.5 hour course that freshmen and sophomores attend. they study subjects including advanced leadership and management, small-unit tactics, and military ethics.


no obligation during freshmen and sophomore years for non-scholarship cadets. commissioned second lieutenants serve on active, reserve or national guard duty.

to join army rotc, you must be:

  • age requirement: maximum 29 years of age for scholarships at/by graduation
  • age requirement: maximum 32 years of age at/by graduation for non-scholarships (exceptions considered).
  • a u.s. citizen in good health
  • a freshman or sophomore
  • a full-time college student
  • to join you must be an undergraduate or graduate with two years remaining.

the new york national guard recruit sustainment program (rsp)

york also offers the new york national guard recruit sustainment program (rsp) for those students who also wish to receive financial benefits from the us army while pursuing their degree.