physics (minor)

arts and sciences
earth and physical sciences

the online bulletin is for information purposes only. current students must complete the requirements as outlined in the york bulletin as applicable.
course descriptions
course descriptions can be found in the online pdf version of the bulletin

requirements for the physics minor


required courses

phys231oscillations and waves 
phys241modern physics 
phys383modern physics laboratory 

six additional credits from the following*:

phys312classical mechanics i 
phys321Electricity & Magnetism I 
phys351statistical mechanics 
phys410methods of theoretical physics 
phys412classical mechanics ii 
phys422electricity and magnetism ii 
phys431modern optics 
phys441quantum mechanics and atomic physics 
phys442nuclear and particle physics 
phys455medical physics theory and practice 
phys456clinical internship in medical physics 
phys461solid state physics 
phys491astrophysics i: planetary astronomy 
phys492astrophysics ii: stellar astronomy 
phys493astrophysics iii: extragalactic astronomy 

*suitable courses from other disciplines may be substituted upon approval of the department.