information systems management (bs)

business and information systems
business and economics
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the online bulletin is for information purposes only. current students must complete the requirements as outlined in the york bulletin as applicable.
course descriptions
course descriptions can be found in the online pdf version of the bulletin

the information systems program at york college seeks to educate students with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of information systems, and their relationship to the world. students will combine their technical understanding with their broad-based general education to visualize systems, work in teams, communicate effectively, think analytically and implement solutions.


information systems management bs


required courses

math115quantitative methods for decision making* 
math121analytics geometry and calculus* 
econ102introduction to microeconomics** 
econ103introduction to macroeconomics 
econ220introduction to economic statistics 

foundation courses

acc101principles of accounting i 
bus286digital technologies in organizations 
bus461information systems project management*** 
bus470information system security management 
cs172computer science i 
cs291computer science ii 
cs292introduction to database management 
math225discrete mathematical structures 
students will choose from one of two concentrations 

concentration 1: information systems management

choose five (5) courses from the following: 
acc102principles of accounting ii 
acc103principles of managerial accounting 
bus287communities, social networks and information 
bus353human computer interaction 
bus376organizational knowledge management 
bus377business intelligence 
bus460information retrieval 
bus465enterprise resources planning 
bus476systems analysis and design 
cs261data communication i 
cs371business programming 

concentration 2: informatics

choose five (5) courses from the following: 
acc102principles of accounting ii 
acc103principles of managerial accounting 
bus240foundations of supply chain management 
bus285business law and digital forensics 
bus290records management and preservation 
bus376organizational knowledge management 
bus368e business technologies 
bus402management information systems 
hphs201health informatics 
hpgc102public health 
he312health disease 

credit totals

total information systems management program credits57-60 
total core curriculum credits33-42 
total free elective credits18-30 
total credits for bs in information systems management120 


*math 115 or math 121 may also be taken to satisfy the required core: mathematical and quantitative reasoning requirement.

** econ 102 may also be taken to satisfy the flexible core: individual and society requirement.

***bus 461 may be taken toward fulfillment of the college option core: writing intensive requirement.