tuition and fees

important notice of possible changes: the city university of new york reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in the academic programs and requirements of the university and its constituent colleges without advance notice.

payment of tuition and fees

students must be prepared to pay all tuition and fees associated with their registration by the payment due date. the office of the bursar will not mail bills. students may view their bills on cunyfirst. once a student registers for classes, that student assumes financial responsibility. if the student chooses not to attend, the student must drop the courses before the first day of classes to avoid any tuition liability. failure to do so automatically entails a financial obligation on part of the student.

interest-free tuition payment plans are available through nelnet during the summer, fall and spring semesters. students must enroll online through their cunyfirst accounts. for additional information, nelnet representatives are available monday through friday, 8:00a.m. to 10:00p.m., and saturday 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m., at 888-470-6014.

students may opt to pay their tuition and fees online by using the cunyfirst epayment options that include echeck and esavings.

cash, money orders, bank checks, certified checks and personal checks are accepted at the office of the bursar service window. checks and money orders must be made payable to york college and have a current date. third party, postdated checks, credit and debit cards will not be accepted. personal checks are not accepted for prior semesters. a student who issues a check or echeck payment that is either returned by the bank or not processed by the processing company will be liable for tuition and fees, in addition to $20.00 reprocessing fee. also, checks will not be accepted for future payments and a negative service indicator will be placed on the student's account. a stop payment on a student's check does not cancel registration. a student must officially withdraw.

if students do not make full payment of their tuition and fees and other college bills, accounts will be turned over to a collection agency six months after the end of the semester. students will be responsible for all collection costs, in addition to the amount owed to the college. a nonpayment of default judgment against the student's account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in his/her credit report. accounts in collections must be paid directly to the collection agency; the office of the bursar cannot collect these debts.

for billing and payment information, refer to the office of the bursar's website at

senior college tuition

undergraduate new york state residentsnon-resident and international studies
full-time$3,465 per semester$620 per credit
part-time$305 per credit$620 per credit
non-degree$445 per credit$915 per credit
graduate new york state residentsnon-resident and international student
full-time$5,545 per semester$855 per credit
part-time$470 per credit$855 per credit
maintenance of curriculum$225 per semester$370 per semester
excellence fee$800 per semester$800 per semester
masters in social worknew york state residentsnon-resident and international students
full-time$7,315 per semester$1,000 per credit
excess hours$65 per excess contact hour$85 per excess contact hour
senior citizen fee$65 per semester or session plus $15consolidated service fee and technology fee-

tuition and fees set forth in this publication are similarly subject to change by action of the board of trustees of the city university of new york at any time. in the event of any increase in the tuition or fees, payments already made will be treated as a partial payment. notification will be given of the additional amount due and the required date of payment. the university regrets any inconvenience this may cause.

occupational therapy dual program - combined bs/ms program

  • students in combined programs will pay undergraduate tuition rates up to 120 credits, or the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree in that particular program. any credits taken after that number (120) toward the combined degree are to be paid at the graduate level.
  • students enrolled in the bs/ms degree occupational therapy program who have earned greater than 120 credits will be charged graduate tuition. students identified as undergraduates during the registration process, will be retroactively charged graduate tuition, if upon the completion of courses they are currently taking, they have earned greater than 120 credits.

senior citizens

senior citizens who are new york state residents who are 60 or older may be enrolled in undergraduate courses on a space available basis, without tuition or fee charges except as indicated below, provided they do so on an audit basis. senior citizens who audit undergraduate courses will not receive degree credit and grades of "aud" will be assigned. senior citizens will be required to pay a $65.00 non-instructional charge and a $15.00 consolidated service fee for the semester, as well as any penalty fees (i.e., late registration, library fines, reprocessing fees, etc.) senior citizens who wish to enroll for credit may opt to do so on the same basis as any other degree-credit student. they shall pay the applicable tuition and fees.


  1. new york state residents - a resident student is one who is a united states citizen or a permanent immigrant and who has had his or her principal place of home/ address/ or dwelling in the state of new york for a period of at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester with respect to which the residency determination is made, and states his or her intention to permanently live and maintain his or her principal place of home/ address/ or dwelling in new york state. members of the armed services of the united states stationed in new york state, their spouses, and their dependent children, are considered residents of new york state.
  2. non-residents of new york state and out of status (undocumented) students - non-residents of nys and out-of-status (undocumented) students who attend a nys high school for at least two years and graduated, or obtained a nys ged diploma, may apply for in-state tuition if they apply to cuny within five years of receiving their diploma.
  3. lower division - a student who has earned fewer than 60 credits.
  4. upper division - a student who has earned 60 or more credits as of registration. this includes students who have earned a baccalaureate degree.
  5. full-time - a student who is enrolled for 12 or more credits or the equivalent.
  6. part-time - a student who is enrolled for fewer than 12 credits or the equivalent.

association, university student government and consolidated fees

association fee$72.15$52.15
consolidated fee$15.00$15.00
technology fee$125.00$62.50
university government fee$1.45$1.45
total per semester$213.60$131.10

technology fee

the full-time technology fee of $125 or the part-time fee of $62.50 will be added to the bill. the technology fee for the summer session is $62.50. the technology fee is non-refundable. however, if the following occurs, a refund will be granted:

  • the college cancels a course or courses causing the student to drop below full-time;
  • the student is incorrectly billed by the college;
  • the student officially withdraws prior to the first day of the semester/session.

materials and transportation fees

there may be additional costs and fees associated with identified courses. courses with a fee attached will be identified in the bulletin with a "$." check the list of course fees for specifics. for more information go to materials and transportation fees, or go to the course fees faq's webpage.

readmission fee

students who are readmitted to the university after an absence of one or more semesters (exclusive of summer session) shall be required to pay a readmission fee of $20.00. this fee is not refundable.

transcript fee

this fee will be waived for transcripts to units of cuny. when requesting transcripts by mail, state the name and address of the person to whom the record is to be mailed. such requests must be accompanied by a money order for $7.00 for each transcript, made payable to york college. personal checks are not accepted. transcripts bearing the college seal are mailed to the official designated in the request and not given to the applicant for personal delivery. requests may not be made by telephone. however, transcript requests can be made online.

special examination fee

when a student requests an examination at a time other than the scheduled time, and permission is granted by the college, a special examination fee is charged at the rate of $25.00 for the first examination and $5.00 for each additional examination.

late registration fee

a charge of $25.00 is made for registration after the close of the official registration period. this fee is not refundable.

non-payment service/late payment fee

students who are delinquent in paying tuition and fees by the college's established due dates will be required to pay a $15.00 fee for each missed due date in addition to all other outstanding college obligations.

returned (ng) check processing fee

when a student's check is tendered to the college as payment of a liability and the check is not honored by the bank upon which the check is drawn (ng check), the student shall be charged a reprocessing fee. a separate $20.00 fee will be charged for each check that requires reprocessing. electronic payments, made online, that are rejected for any reason will also be charged a reprocessing fee. the student will be required to satisfy the obligations, the returned check processing fee and a non-payment service fee of $15.00 for each due date missed.

if a check or echeck (electronic payment) is returned for any reason, the student's check writing privileges on campus will be revoked.

duplicate diploma fee

there will be a $30.00 charge for each duplicate diploma.

duplicate id card

there will be a $10.00 charge for duplicate ids.

developmental courses fee

all courses taken by part-time students will be charged on a credit basis except developmental courses which will be charged on an equated hours basis. courses with excess hours due to laboratory or field work will be charged on a credit basis for part-time students. the tuition charged part-time matriculated students on a per credit basis in any one semester may not exceed the semester rate.

in the following developmental courses where the hours exceed the credits, the equated hours will be used instead of credits to determine full or part-time status and fees:

coursefinancial aid hourscreditsequated hours
esl 145626
esl 150626
math 102313

refund policy

the date on which the change of program and/or the withdrawal is submitted to the college, through cunyfirst or the registrar's office is considered the withdrawal date, not the last date of attendance in class. it is the official date of the student's withdrawal and will serve as the basis for computing any refund granted to the student. no portion of the association fee, university government fee, technology fee, consolidated fee, special fees or penalty fees are refundable.


  1. a full refund is available only if an official withdrawal is made before the first scheduled day of classes.
  2. program changes affecting a student's credit load, from full-time to part-time, or reducing one's part-time credit load, may entitle the student to a refund if the change is made within the refund period indicated below.

refund schedule

see academic calendar.

note: students who take a leave of absence after the first day of classes are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the above schedule of refunds. federal and state guidelines for financial aid vary according to the specific type of aid the student is awarded. if a student is awarded financial aid and intends to change their enrollment status, they should contact student financial services regarding their eligibility for financial aid funds.

special situations

  1. the college cancels the student's registration: if a student is permitted to register and subsequently the college learns that the student is not in good financial standing due to prior liabilities, the registration may be cancelled. the student is not liable for tuition and fees for the semester in which the registration is cancelled.
  2. improper advisement has been given: if a tuition-paying student is placed in a special class following testing, and after a week or more in the class, the instructor advises that the student does not need the course and should withdraw, the student is entitled to a full or partial refund according to the following: if the college is satisfied that the student was improperly advised originally, the tuition may be refunded in full; otherwise, the student is entitled to a tuition refund based on the established refund schedule.
  3. change in status from full-time student to part-time student: if a full-time student (registered for at least 12 credits) drops a course during the refund period and thus is registered for less than 12 credits, the student's effective tuition is then calculated on a part-time basis. however, the student is also liable for that portion of the full-time tuition which is not refunded in accordance with existing refund procedures (see section on refund policy). the student's refund is calculated by subtracting the new part-time tuition amount from the full-time amount and giving him as a refund a percentage of that difference, the percentage depending upon the point of withdrawal.

change in status from full-time to part-time

as an example, the calculation is as follows:cost
tuition paid as full-time student$3,465.00
tuition as part-time student taking 9 credits ($305x 9)$2,745.00
assume that 3 credits are dropped within the first week of classes. the student receives a 75% refund of above difference ($720x75%)$540.00
effective tuition as part time student (full time tuition less refund)$2925.00

tuition waivers

tuition waivers may be changed or abolished by the city university trustees without notice, and at all times are subject to budgetary limitations which have been established for the city university of new york.